What Is the State Central Committee?

Melissa Lindberg CandidateWhat is the State Central Committee? The State Central Committee governs the Democratic Party of Illinois. According to its bylaws it is comprised of one CommitteeMAN and one CommitteeWOMAN from each congressional district of Illinois, elected in the primary of non-presidential years to serve a four-year term.

What does the State Central Committee DO? According to its by-laws, the State Central Committee is charged with maintaining the party office in Springfield, to conduct the state campaign of the nominees of the Democratic Party for president and vice president; to assist and aid the election of all Democratic party candidates in general elections, to promote and encourage Party organization at every level in the state, to devise ways and means of paying for work to promote the Party and its candidates; to plan and execute the State Convention; to do what is necessary to promote the platform of the State Convention; and to implement plans for improvement of the Democratic Party. The State Central Committee also endorses in state-wide elections – US Senator, Governor, etc.

We are proud to be running in partnership with a strong progressive leader in our District and Candidate for Committeeman of the IL 5th, Ross Outten.  Please click here to find out more about him and his campaign.