Why I’m Running

Melissa Lindberg Candidate

What is the battle over the State Central Committee about? It’s not about “fighting Trump and Rauner, protecting unions, standing up for a women’s reproductive health …” why? Because we’re all Democrats. We all believe in that. What is it about? It’s about who is in control of the Democratic Party.

If you believe the Democratic Party of Illinois is the best ever, not corrupt, and has it’s priorities straight – vote incumbent. If you believe there is some work to be done at the Party level – including who leads it – then vote challenger.

I’m a challenger. I believe we could do better. I think the belief that our leadership is corrupt (true or not) hurts us. I think we can do better in standing up for our values (and that includes unions). I think the bargains of the past have hurt us, and now we need to straighten out and come back to basics with a progressive agenda across the state. I don’t think our agenda should be solely focused on keeping one person in power.

The Democratic Party of Illinois needs to be identified with more than just one person; it needs a platform for its candidates to run on; and it needs to support all the races up and down the ballot, not just a few races.

– Melissa